Storm Damage

What action should I take?

Please inform us of any new claim and enable us to action the claim as quickly as possible or refer to our "what do I do now?" page for further information on steps you can take.

When you put your insurance risks in our hands, you can be sure we will be personally involved with all aspects of your claims and will keep you up to date with any issues developing from the claims.  

Once we have been notified by you we will minimise any chances of unnecessary delays by;

  • Arranging the initial report of the accident
  • Advice on what to do & what not to do
  • Helping to minimise any chance of further damage occurring
  • Providing advice on how to proceed
  • Fast tracking of paperwork
  • Monitoring the progress to eliminate delays
  • Achieving a prompt and fair settlement

 Alternatively contact us regarding your current claim

I think I have a Claim - What do I do now? 

I have damage to my property

Carry out any action that needs to be taken to prevent further loss, ie call SES if your building has damage and requires tarps over holes in your building either in the roof or windows that have been smashed. Use our emergency contacts list to help you get a repairer out to assist you in preventing further loss. They may be able to carry out emergency repairs ie replace a cracked roof tile, that will prevent further loss.

If water has made its way into the building call the carpet repairer listed and have them attend your property. They have commercial blowers that will dry out wet carpets and prevent mould and rot appearing.

Here are a few steps you can take prior to contacting us if the event has occurred outside of our office hours:

  • Always take photos of the damage, this is treated as proof of loss and can sometimes remove the need for a repairer or assessor to attend.
  • Create a list of the damaged items with as much information as possible such as the description, age, original cost, place of purchase and include any receipts for these items if you have them as proof of loss.
  • In the event of isolated damage obtain at least two quotes for the damage , when we submit these to the insurer it may allow very quick settlement of your claim as they will be able to see that the repair price is fair and reasonable. In larger claims these will be submitted to the assessor once the claim is lodged and will again speed up the process.
  • If you have suffered power failure in the event of storm damage, the food in your freezer and fridge may be covered for spoilage, before you throw it out make sure you know what its worth, taking photos may help.
  • If a tree has blown onto your building and could potentially cause further damage, follow the instructions above, take photos of the damage, have a repairer or SES attended asap to remove the tree and tarp the hole in your building.
  • If your home has been damaged to the extent that you cannot stay there please use your insurer details provided in our emergency contacts page to seek immediate assistance in finding alternative accommodation. If you cannot contact us or your insurance company make sure that you keep all receipts in relation to living expenses so that these can be submitted with your claim for consideration.
  • If you have suffered theft, malicious damage or vandalism please contact the police 131 144, the police report number will be required by the insurer and must note all items that have been stolen or damaged.
First Steps in a Motor Vehicle Accident:

If your vehicle has not already left the road, move to the side of the road and - for your safety and the safety of others - get out of traffic and harms way.

Check with both vehicles to make sure there are no injuries, if there is immediately call for medical assistance – do not move anyone as they may have sustained internal injuries as this could cause further damage.

Do not leave, you are required by law to remain at the scene of an accident. Call the police. They will advise you if they will attend the accident and will create a police report, your insurer will ask for this number.

Do not admit fault to anyone, this will be determined by the information collected by both insurers based on your factual report given to the insurer and there may be other factors involved that you are unaware of such as road rules applicable.

If your vehicle needs to be towed, request that it be removed to a repair shop, if you are unsure of where to have this towed, please contact our office or your insurer direct if this is outside our business hours and we will assist you.

The following information should be collected:

1. Full Name of the driver and the owner of the vehicle if different

2. Physical address of the drive

3. Telephone numbers

4. Driver licence number

5. Make and Model of Vehicle

6. Photos of damage – most of us carry mobile phones and this is easier than trying to describe the damage

7. Name, address and phone number of any witnesses

If the other Party refuses to provide this information, report what details you have to the nearest Police Station & they will provide you with a report number in which the details will be provided

If you need to submit a new claim please Lodge the Claim Online or call our office and return to our office with any supporting documentation you have already.
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