What our clients say about us

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What our clients say about us

Email to Peter, Claims Manager, following settlement of Nick's claim:

Wow!! Peter, you Sir, are AMAZING!!!   I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you've managed to achieve...   You have literally turned my nightmare around and I can finally get my life back in order.  

Thankyou so much,   I'm forever grateful,   all my very best wishes  

Nick Buchanan, Diggin it QLD

I would like to thank Austbrokers Coast to Coast for their very quick response time for a claim I had recently.

Jo, my office manager, got a bit cold at her desk one day and turned on her little fan heater under her desk. She unknowingly kicked the heater and that faced the computer tower. Unfortunately by the time she realised what had happened the computer had overheated. Her computer is the main computer in the office and all that other computers are networked from hers so this proved to be a mini disaster for us.

I phoned Austbrokers Coast to Coast and informed them of what had happened and within a week I had a cheque. I didn't have to fill out any paperwork and fight to get my claim to be looked at. It was all done by them.

I have and will continue to recommend Austbrokers Coast to Coast to my friends and colleagues.

Austbrokers Coast To Coast and their team are exceptional in every way.  

We have a diverse property portfolio in the heart of Surfers Paradise and Mr Gordon Newton and his stella team of professional experts are on hand to assist us through out the year.   We are very happy with their ability to get things done quickly.   They offer exceptional person service and over the along years we have had dealings with Austbrokers Coast to Coast Insurance Brokers we are very happy.    

Professionalism, the willingness to go the extra mile, kindly and above all respectful of our needs.   All aspects of insurance are covered and in a timely manner and we are very happy to be part of such an exceptional team whom are able to insure us, and guide us through the policies.   

Peter Nissen. 

Paradise Towers Apartments

I have a natural skincare business I am building it in my spare time using my own money and time. The nature of the industry means I need public liability insurance to protect myself in the event of someone having an adverse reaction to a product.

I don't have a degree or any formal qualifications in chemistry or naturopathy and have grown my product range through research, experience and passion so I found it really hard to find a company who would insure me...and when I did my premiums would make your hair curl!

My insurance recently came up for renewal so I decided to see how great Cassie really was. It took a little time and a few emails and phone calls back and forth but finally she was able to offer me a similar policy for less than half the cost!

In business every cent counts and I had hoped Cassie could save me some money. She didn’t just save me money... she saved me $1,500!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Austbrokers and I in fact urge you to call them if you think you might be paying too much for your insurance.


Rebecca Sattler

A few weeks ago my computer died. Being a web designed I was reliant on it 24/7 so I needed a replacement ASAP.

Luckily I knew that I had insurance that you organised for me which would possibly cover the costs of replacing the computer.

With just a few simple emails and phone calls to you and the team at Austbrokers, you were able to lodge the claim for me. Within just a few days the insurance had accepted successfully the claim.

I feel so lucky to have you as my insurance brokers, knowing that if I have a possible insurance claim, you will go above and beyond what any direct insurance would do for me AND even better, I don't have to bother dealing with insurances and insurance policies.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to any of my family, friends or clients.

Best regards

Florian Stotz


Last year we decided to change our arrangements and use your company. And wow, what a difference that made!

Because we feel so comfortable with Austbrokers, we have renewed our business insurance policies. Your attention to every detail is simply amazing. There has never been a single "stone left unturned" in the way you looked into every possible scenario. Finding the right insurance company at the right price for us is a very satisfying experience.

Cutting to the chase with everything we must know and must be covered for, without being bothered trying to up-sell us with policies we don't really need is just the professional style we like being treated with.

Thanks for your meticulous attention to detail, fast and friendly service with a smile. We will have no hesitation recommending Austbrokers Coast to Coast to any of our clients.


Lou Armstrong

Not Just a Copy Shop

Having bought plenty of insurance in my life I was really tired of doing the ring around to find the best deal. I would have to go through the same monotonous task of giving all my details before they would even give me a quote only to find they wouldn't cover this or the quote was too expensive.

I decided to offload the task to Cassandra from Austbrokers Coast to Coast. She made the task so much easier!

Cassie is really friendly, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. In no time at all she found me the best cover on the market for my needs at an affordable premium. Also, I know that thanks to Cassie's work that I am much better covered than had I found my own insurance. She even found flood insurance for me which I had been unable to find as I am close to a river.

I would certainly recommend Austbrokers Coast to Coast to anyone for their insurance needs.

Kind regards,

Scott Barbary

To whom it may concern,

About 6 months ago my wife and I came home one evening to find a water pipe had burst upstairs in an ensuite bathroom and our home was seriously flooded. The downstairs ceiling had caved in and carpets and furniture was totally wrecked.

Following one call to the Austbrokers Coast to Coast team builders, painters and plasters were all organised for us while we stayed in alternative accommodation all paid for the whole 6 weeks it took to re-do our home.

I heartily recommend Austbrokers Coast to Coast because this could happen to you and it makes all the difference to have professionals on you side working with the insurance companies for you.

Yours sincerely,

Norman Phillips

To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank Cassandra Turner, and the team from Austbrokers Coast to Coast for their excellent customer service.

I have been with them for three years and have had three different claims. One was storm damage needing roof and ceiling repairs; a stolen bag and a lost ring.

All three claims, after the appropriate paper work had been processed, all resulted in payments or repair within ten days of the claim.

Thanks again to the team at Austbrokers Coast to Coast for taking the pain out of insurance.

Yours truly,

Carol Stanley

After a fantastic holiday in South America both Kevin and Marian Cummings were preparing to catch the flight home from Santiago.

It was not to be that easy as due to the eruption of the volcano in Chile flights to and from Australia were being cancelled.  A week later and much toing and froing between airports we arrived safely home.

As our original flights were on a prepaid special there were no seats available under the same terms for some 2-3 weeks so we took the decisions to purchase new tickets from Buenos Aries.

Upon arriving back in Australia we lodged our claim under our Travel Policy that had been recommended by Austbrokers some years ago as the Cumming West Corporate Travel Policy.

Despite also incurring costs for accommodation, meals, taxis and other out of pocket expenses we were helped and advised by Peter Millar who assisted in completing the claim.

Within a matter of weeks we had a full refund of our fares and other costs.

I cannot thank Austbrokers and Peter Millar enough for the ease with which our claim was processed and whilst a couple of items were queried Peter soon sorted these matters out for us.

I have heard horror stories about claims not being paid or reduced so I cannot stress enough the importance of having the right policy and the right broker.


Kevin and Marian Cummings

Cummings West

Accountants ~ Taxation ~ Business Advisers

Dear Sir,

 I would like to place on record the excellent help and service afforded to me by Peter Millar (Claims Manager).  I had a major flooding and storm problem at my property south of Coffs Harbour and Peter made everything very easy for us to get our property and lives back on track.  I find it refreshing to have good people backing us up in the crisis that occurred down here.  Your company has insured my properties here and in Cairns for the past 22 years and have always been courteous and helpful in regards to any claims we have had.  Thank you once again for your help in this matter and especially to Peter who smoothed the way.

Kind Regards,

David & Linda Delmont

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your prompt response and assistance with our claim.  We have always been extremely pleased with the service we receive from Austbrokers and have been now for 26 years.  Your own assistance and service during recent years has been fantastic and we are very grateful.

Kind Regards,

Nigel King  

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