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We will insure your vehicle, truck, trailer, and a full range of registered / conditionally registered vehicles including earthmoving equipment.

We will tailor the coverage to suit your personal or business needs and include various options to ensure the policy will respond due to damage caused by accident or collision, including cover to any third party property if you are at fault, theft, and public liability.

How does this cover respond?

Say you were involved in a motor vehicle accident where it was assumed the third party vehicle in front of you would proceed through an orange traffic light. Instead, the vehicle in front stopped in anticipation of a red light, you failed to stop in time.

Both vehicles involved suffered significant damage and were not drivable. A tow truck assisted in removing the vehicles taking them to the repairer of choice. The damage to your vehicle was deemed a total write-off since the cost of parts and labour would have been higher than the total value of the car.

Your Comprehensive Motor Policy could cover the expenses for the vehicles involved in the accident to be towed, the costs to repair the other party’s vehicle would be covered, and the insurance company would settle the claim for the insured value, less the policy excess.

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